Frequently Asked Questions

Delivering your item/s

Q:How long will it take until I receive my order?

A: As long you ordered before 14:00pm Monday-Friday, your order will be usually dispatched on the same day and will arrive on the next working day. If we receive your order after 14:00pm, your order will be dispatched on the next working day. Orders placed on the weekend will be processed the following Monday.

Q:What courier do you use to deliver my items?

A: If your item is deemed as small, the item will be sent using Royal Mails 1st Class service. If the item is large, the item will be sent by our courier service.

Returning your item/s

Q:What do I do if I would like to return my items?

A: If you would like to return your items to Fire Extinguishers Online, please send us an email to within 7 days of receipt of your item. If you have used the item, the item can only be returned to us if the item is found to be faulty. The customer must cover the cost of the return if the item is not replaced or refunded.

If at any time you are unsure what product is best for you, please contact our friendly advisors on 01332 546 755.

Fire extinguishers

Q:Which extinguisher do I need?

Foam – The foam fire extinguisher is ideal to use on flammable liquids as the foam will form a seal over the surface to stop re-ignition. Foam extinguishers are safe to use close to electrical equipment and is suitable for multi-risk usage.

Carbon Dioxide - The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is ideal to use for electrical fires or flammable liquids . Users can be rest assured that the extinguisher will not harm their electrical equipment making it suitable for offices and workshops. The extinguisher has a non-conductive, anti-static horn.

Dry Powder – The versatile dry powder fire extinguisher is capable of tackling most class fire types. The extinguisher is suitable for flammable liquids, gases and electrical hazards . The dry powder extinguisher is highly recommended for vehicle fires.

Water – The water fire extinguisher is a cost-effective and useful extinguisher to eliminate free-burning materials including wood, paper and fabrics.

Specialist Powder – The specialist powder extinguishers are ideal to use for metal fires including magnesium, sodium and aluminium when they are in the form of swarf or powder. The extinguisher has a unique lance applicator which allows the user to direct the powder which will fall gently over the fire preventing the burning material from spreading.